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... Tom McDermott and TM Limited have strived for and consistently achieved a level of quality, service and dependability rarely matched. TM Limited's Objective: to provide hassle-free, prompt service to customers... which results in long-term, close business relationships.  And that's why we have consistently grown annually at a rate that very few others can claim.   Our state-of-the-art computerized office allows for not only increased efficiency, but also a job-tracking system second to none.

Some of the products and industries we deal with:
Aerospace, medical, packaging, composite materials, chip manufacturing and testing, valves, cryogenics, lasers, vibration control, EMI shielding, optical, surgical instruments, food processing, electronics, under-sea exploration, blood processing, ultrasonic testing, printers, vacuum equipment, ozone generators, contract manufacturers, telephone switching systems, and many more.

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TM Limited - P.O. Box 1438 - Middleboro, MA 02346 - 508.946.4533 - Fax: 508.947.4686 - e-mail: