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NEW! Horizontal Boring Mills
Capacity up to: 91” x 240”

NEW! Vertical Boring Mills
Capacity up to: Max Swing 157”

NEW! Vertical Turret Lathes
Capacity up to: 88”

NEW! Lathes
36” Swing x 120” Between Centers

NEW! Planer Mills
(1) Double Housing 108” Between Columns, 108” under the Rail, 216” Travel.
(1) 60” x 60” x 288”

NEW! Nisshinbo –LCM 1250HK MKII Laser
Table size 48” x 96”, cut up to 3/8” thick material, stainless, steel and aluminum

TRAVEL; 13.8" X 9.8" X 10.00" (X,Y,Z)
20 Ra (RMS) Surface Finish
30 Degree Cutting Angle
Good for Very close Tolerance Work
Cuts 304 Stainless Like Steel!
Good For Parts With Small Internal Radii

NEW! State-of-the-Art Machining Technology:

Hardringe RS 65 MSY

Twin-spindle Hardinge RS 65 MSY CNC Turn-Mill System. This multi-function, high-tech machine tool features a collet-ready, 30-hp spindle; super-precision linear glass scales with .00001” accuracy (that’s 10-millionths of an inch!); a 12-station turret with live tooling; and 7.45” diameter x 25.13” length and 2.0” to -1.377” Y-Axis capacities. This versatile system expands our capacity to machine very complex parts with previously unheard of speed and accuracy, even on hard-to-machine materials like nickel alloys and titanium. Multi-function machining means that your parts are finished in one operation, not two or three of four; and this translates into increased efficiency and cost savings for our customers. You can trust Palmer Machine to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to providing the latest in precision machining technology.

NEW! OGP SmartScope Flash 500 Multi-Sensor Video Measuring System:

OGP Smartscope

The new system features a self-calibrating 12:1 zoom lens for consistent accuracy, solid state illumination, color camera, DRX Integrated TTL laser, and OGP’sฎ Measure-X™ software technology. With an XYZ measuring range of 20” x 18” x 8” and 5 micron (.0002”) planar accuracy in XY, this system brings a whole new level of accuracy and efficiency.

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