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Testimonial #1

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Phil Laska
Hologic, Inc.
590 Lincoln St.
Waltham, MA 02154

Mr. Tom McDermott
TM Limited
P.O. Box 1438
Middleboro, MA 02346

Dear Tom,
Every now and then as time permits, I like to forward a letter to our suppliers and manufacturing representatives in an effort to let them know how well they are meeting Hologic's expectations.  This sort of communication is valuable, where customers can establish their goals and suppliers and representatives can evaluate this feedback and reinforce our business partnership.  Hologic is very critical in this area due to the fact that we are ISO 9000 Certified and we hold our suppliers to the highest levels of commitment regarding Quality, Service and On-Time Delivery.

At this time, I would like to thank you Tom for all of your efforts.  Through your diligence and attention to detail, the firms that you represent have helped Hologic reach record levels of production.  In particular, our suppliers achieved and continue to maintain a 95% Quality Approval Rating and a 97% On-Time Delivery Rating.  These are excellent achievements, and in turn, Hologic has been very successful.

I know that in the future, I can count on you Tom for continued success.  The high level of service that you provide me makes my job as a buyer very easy.  Your support has strengthened our partnerships with our suppliers and these relationships are well positioned for future growth.

Respectfully yours,

Phil Laska

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TM Limited - P.O. Box 1438 - Middleboro, MA 02346 - 508.946.4533 - Fax: 508.947.4686 - e-mail: